When the left hand needs to know what the right hand is doing. FunnelMaker delivers hundreds of marketing and communication tools under one login.

Commercial B2B
Technology Sales

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A Comprehensive Communication, Sales and Marketing Toolbox


FunnelMaker will transcribe all conversations automatically so your sales team can focus on strategy!

  • Customizable CRM
  • Opportunity Management
  • Client Activity Sales Alerts
  • Click to Dial Call Transcription
  • Customizable Sales Process
  • And much more...

We don't nickle and dime you for add on features, workflow and marketing automation are included!

  • Workflow & Marketing Automation
  • Website & Landing Page Builder
  • Email Marketing Software
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Drip Campaigns
  • And much more...

Ticketing, Project Management and website alerts help any organization advance key business initiatives.

  • Project Management
  • Event Management
  • Learning Management
  • Account Management
  • Unlimited Groups
  • And much more...

Sales Results that Count


80% of business owners complain that the notes entered in their CRM are worthless! FunnelMaker’s click-to-dial feature records and transcribes every word spoken on your phone calls, inbound or out!

  • Easily make 130 calls per day and capture every detail of the call
  • When your outgoing call goes to voice mail, leave a recorded message
  • Select multiple numbers to make your outbound calls
  • Built-in phone tree allows remote team members to get recorded returned calls
  • Live reporting so you can review and listen to all calls on any date range
  • Training your team becomes easy when you share real calls to help drive success

Lead Scoring

Identify leads with the greatest value with a customizable scoring system.

Unlimited User-Defined Fields/Custom Objects

Control access to your data & customize layouts, rules, and more.

Predictive Analytics

Use demographic and activity data to see who your hottest leads are.

Phone Integration

Add click-to-call, SMS texting and more, all integrated with your CRM.

Track Emails and Surveys

Your contacts can subscribe to newsletters, join groups, and more.

Contacts Research

Take existing data and fill in the blanks with up-to-date information.

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Why You Should Be Using FunnelMaker

  • Task management email alerts
  • Smarter marketing
  • More time winning business
  • Increase forecast accuracy
  • Daily critical info email
  • Unlimited users
  • Tracks everything
  • Activity Hot Button
  • Save money

One team. One login. One tool to automate everything.


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